Multi Level Marketing Jeunesse Global Netherlands

Unique Selling Preposition of Jeunesse Global Netherlands

Cosmetic business is very started with anti aging solutions for people of all the ages. There are very rare who offer it in a natural way. Businesses survive because of two reasons; first they must have a core value to provide and second they must have assistance from complex marketing tools. The second one is more necessary as loyal customers are important for earning revenue. They turn into valuable asset of company only due to marketing techniques.

Jeunesse Global Netherlands achieved its remarkable success around the globe due to both these principles. The company devised a unique formula of utilizing stem cells to engage skin tissues at molecular level. There are many such medical products that make capillaries thinner and skin more red. This is not the case with Jeunesse health products. Luminesce is the basic product in this regard. Jeunesse has an integrated Youth Enhancement System that works to deliver cover value to its customers. Product line of company is differentiated into four major types including instantly Ageless, nutritional supplements, Luminesce and Zen Bodi.

Financial Success Achieved by Jeunesse Global Netherlands

The entire financial success of company is credited to complex marketing network utilized by the leadership. It is not an easy task to perform well financially in times of recession. But financial success measured in year 2009 to 2012 reveals astonishing results in this regard. Jeunesse Global Netherlands distribute more than $250 millions in commission, it expanded network of distributors to 2000 new individual, more than 30 new million dollar earners were created on behalf of company.

It was the marketing strategy supported by technological complexities that made company to carve in way in $300 billion cosmetic industry. The integrated marketing structure was spread on so many levels. Perhaps this MLM was basic need for company to make itself renown around the globe. Having presence in more than 215 countries and establishing 20 offices provided a linkage to direct customers too. This was perhaps an inevitable step for a direct selling business. Company also boosts to establish an online office backup system to keep checks on distribution network and various online marketing processes.

Business Opportunities with Jeunesse Global Netherlands

Becoming a part of marketing team of Jeunesse Global Netherlands is dependent upon willingness, dedication and time. One can join it as a full time job for the lifetime career. For distributors the prospects of earning income are much higher. This is because company has already achieved success in terms of product recognition. Distributors only have to access the direct customers. They are allowed to buy product on wholesale and then sell it on retail. There is a huge profit margin of 20% to 45 % that can be earned. Apart from these lucrative packages in the form of discounts, commissions and family trips are offered too. Individuals can join the company on part time basis from anywhere in the world, they are given websites to invite more members for creating well established marketing network. Commissions provided on weekly basis are proportional to number of orders and team members.