Jeunesse Global India’s Network Marketing Strategy

Core Value Provided by Jeunesse Global India

In the modern times only loyal customers can make a company survive in tough competition. The question arises how to create those loyal customers. The answer lies in use of well integrated and well managed marketing system. Recognizing need, presenting it in the form of core value and then offering the final product to customers are the major processes of value chain. One of the most important stage of this value chain is an integrated marketing system and off course, a system backed by technology. If success story of Jeunesse Global India is revealed then truth seems to become valid.

Pioneering its business in Florida, it was the multi level marketing system sponsored by softwares and complex technological outfits that made Jeunesse to access global market. The company introduced a new formula to make a new product line. In the form Luminesce; an anti aging and rejuvenating solution was provided to customers. It aimed at use of stem cell technique to better skin cells performance at molecular level.

How Jeunesse Global India Stack up with Competition

Jeunesse was not actually new or monopolist in the business of health products. Yes, it has a unique selling proposition in the form of more fundamental solution. Still, efforts were needed on the behalf of company’s leadership to establish solid marketing grounds. For this purpose two marketing veterans of the company utilized their experience of marketing techniques and technological world. Using both the items a complete set was created to deliver core benefit in the form cosmetic products to the target audience.

Jeunesse Global India Human Resource department was much active as it understood the consumer patterns of different ethnic and cultural groups. So, it was a collective effort from software engineers, accountants, marketers and human resource management that made this multi level marketing strategy a huge success. MLM is much different from massive advertisement techniques. It actually utilizes these marketing resources in a way that an automatic advertisement way is launched while giving business opportunities to people.

Anyone who is familiar with direct selling business environment can readily subscribe to opportunity and beginners are also welcomed too.

Lucrative Packaged offered by Jeunesse Global India

It is indeed an opportunity to start one’s own business with little investment. Selling products that are actually needed are a sure way to earn money for retailer and it does not cost huge investment too. Retailers can buy health supplement and anti aging health products of Jeunesse Global India on wholesale. Profit margin of more than 45% can be earned by selling the products on retail. Furthermore, a 20% discount is offered too. Tours and family trips to other parts of globe are also another incentive. Company has more than 20 global offices in 215 countries of the world. A well organized office back up is also there to provide 24/7 customer support. Those who invite team members to join the marketing system are also given handsome commission and financial boost. On Jeunesse record, more than $250 million in commission were distributed only within 4 starting years of the company.