How Jeunesse Global Australia Made its Way

Use of MLM by Jeunesse Global Australia

In the modern times multi level marketing technique is gaining eminence around the globe. For a direct selling business its need can never be denied. The best example can be seen in the form of Jeunesse that gained status of Jeunesse Global and then Jeunesse Global Australia. The company was initiated by two veteran network marketers from Florida. It aimed at producing anti aging skin care products with the motto of youth enhancement. They created an integrated management system by introducing a leadership culture that involved utilization of Human Resources. At the end the most important part always remains to deliver value in the form of main product.

Starting its business in 2009, Jeunesse flourished by leaps and bounds as it utilized state of the art technology for marketing purposes. Being a member of DSA (Direct Selling Association), it was ranked on NO.82 among 500 companies.

Unique Skin Care Products

No matter how complex this system of network marketing becomes or how many stages it involves; at the end these are the customers who have to decide about the fate of product. The work of distributer becomes a lot easier if public is already well aware about product and its uniqueness. The task is accomplished by company itself in this regard. Jeunesse Global Australia introduced its skin care product line through specifications. The preparation involved use of stem cells in order to perform action at very basic level of the cell. Luminesce is the basic anti aging product that rejuvenates skin by removing old and dead cells. The other solutions include proteins and nutritional supplements used to maintain youthfulness of skin.

The costs of these skin care products are slightly higher as formula is rather expensive but these are effective. Perhaps, this core value to customer is basic reason along with network marketing that lead to such level of success/

Different Levels of Marketing used by Jeunesse Global Australia

MLM is very complex term when it comes to network marketing. It does not simply involve an aggressive marketing technique to bombard customers with massive advertisements. Two major level of participation are needed in this case; one at distributer level and other at Team Acquisition level. The second one is basically an automatic marketing technique based on incentive.

Jeunesse Global Australia provides a golden opportunity to distributors. They are sold companies product on wholesale and allowed to sell these of retail price. Profit margin in this case varies from 20% to 45%. Other incentives on behalf of company in the form of family trips to abroad are also included. The second offer is more lucrative. There are persons who want to start a part time job or a business with no investment. Here is the best platform for them. All they have to do is to acquire a team and invite many other people to this marketing system. They are offered handsome commission in return. Jeunesse global has record of giving more than $250 millions in commission during its first four years.