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I was always entrepreneurial at heart and wanted to own my own business. In 2004, I was searching the internet to buy a franchise. But here is the PROBLEM, starting a business like a traditional franchise, vending machines, house cleaning services, catering are expensive to start. Plus their is a major flaw with these franchises and I don’t just mean the high costs of $5,000 to $2 Million dollars.

The flaw I am talking about is that they are restricted to the area they are established in which also means they are dependent of that particular economy as well.

Jeunesse GlobalWith Jeunesse Global you can build this business opportunity, while working from home, locally and internationally to every country Jeunesse Global is open in. So image the world as your market place, now that will increase your customer base and your distributor base when you build a sales team. In turn, you will create an international income leveraged by distributors and customers around the world.

Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse Global has provided the best business opportunity and the best team support! We have the highest USA quality products for you! We provide commissions and training for this international opportunity.

About Jeunesse Global

If you are fed up of same story about products making your skin great, then try Jeunesse products and supplements. We are assured their products are more than the same traditional model. It is a global business, which helps people accomplish their potential young skin, hale and hearty living, and embracing life.

Founded in 2009, Jeunesse Global Headquarter is located in Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA. Jeunesse combines advanced sciences in their anti-aging product system, which enhances young skin by operating at the cellular level. Jeunesse products and supplements focus on health, durability and cell renewals with the outcomes that will last in the long run.


Jeunesse Global gave importance in platforms at international level and expanded domestically during the early run of the company. The company focused all their energy and resources in making their global infrastructure proficient and the strategy well paid off.

While most of the selling companies that are based in US prioritize their launching status quo in establishment of a trendy brand, Jeunesse Global avoided the same direction. This marketing trend proves quite worthy in building the consumer markets rapidly in the States. However, Jeunesse commenced by featuring less glamorous products that were highly lucrative which would swell brand growth abroad. Their business strides included registering products, establishing domestic entities, obtaining licenses and associated with direct selling associations all over the world.

Global Reach

It took about three years and the diligence of the company proved worthwhile in building a well sustainable, global business footprint.  Jeunesse Global now has 20 operational offices and 200 employees under its belt.  It associates with around 200,000 distributors including customers in 85 nations all over the globe.

Its power couple owner Wendy and Randy had the perfect vision and no wonder they set up store outside of the glitzy marketing circle to put up Jeunesse. For the record, these two worked together for two decades before launching Jeunesse. They created computer systems essential in direct selling startups for the big time players to cultivate within the industry.

In simple terms, their highly efficient work let in all the details about them. They coded computer software systems which accelerated shipping and produced professional customer support which in turn produced loyalty.


Wendy and Randy’s involvement proved vital to the direct selling startups.  Randy’s earlier programming success was with NASA that saw the combination of effort by his team in propelling the Space Shuttle out of the earth’s atmosphere during the early 1980s. Randy was commissioned hugely after selling NASA a launch processing system.

Maybe the earlier success of Randy’s contributions to the space travel advancement made him realize the successful work recipe which he put up same at Jeunesse Corporate.  There’s a futurist and original appeal to this corporation’s goal that encompasses everything including product development, exploitation of technology plus corporate philanthropy.

In June 2013, the Association of Direct Selling honored Jeunesse Global with the ETHOS Rising Star Award for their devotion in achieving lofty standards in business performance. As for Jeunesse Global, it was another acknowledgment entrusted to their pioneering will.

Now is the time to get involved.  Jeunesse Global is in the final stage of building their solid foundation for world growth.  Our product line is growing and our international expansion continues to grow.  Lock in your position today and become a leading distributor in your area with Jeunesse Global.Jeunesse Global Enroll

If you are ready to help us improve the health of others while also building a passive income for yourself, then LET’S GET STARTED!

– Kenneth Lomba